For Owners

Selling a business is typically the largest financial transaction that an entrepreneur will make in their lifetime. Bluegrass Equity was formed to give owners transactional visibility and transitional assurance. We can help owners unlock the tremendous wealth accumulated in their business while transferring ownership to an operating team that is focused on the long-term success of the company.

Timely Transaction

We have the ability to isolate and remedy typical issues that hold up the closing process and we stand ready to execute once an attractive opportunity is identified.

Customizable Structure

Bluegrass Equity’s unique structure allows us to custom tailor deal terms to address the various different needs of a seller whether it be estate planning, tax concerns, or lifestyle preferences.

Peace of Mind

Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Owner’s can rest assure we will bring the same entrepreneurial spirit that helped them successfully build the business into what it is today. Business continuity and maintaining company culture is of the utmost importance.

Growth Oriented

Bluegrass Equity and its partners are committed to the long-term growth of the company. We are concentrated on a single transaction and will build upon the strong platform that has already been established by the entrepreneur.

Relationship Driven

Whether it is employees, suppliers, or customers, Bluegrass Equity is focused on building upon the relationships cultivated by the entrepreneur. People will be treated with the respect that they deserve and all business relationships will be maintained with the highest level of integrity.